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Reasons To Change Your IP

There are several reasons for wanting to change one’s own IP address. Most often the request is well-founded in the Internet in a need for greater anonymity and security. The internet users are confused almost daily with new messages on the retention on the Internet and unjustified warnings. The belief in a safe, anonymous network is already shaken. Thus, it is no wonder that many people wish not to surf with their own IP address on the Internet. Also in many countries increasingly growing Internet censorship is a reason for many people to want to use a different IP address. China in particular is known that social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as many news sites from other countries are completely blocked. But Turkey always ends up with new measures to Internet censorship in the headlines. For whatever reason, the desire for a different IP address comes up, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) offer the ability to easily accept a new IP address. For who used VPN, connects first with a VPN server an appropriate provider, which then exchanges its own IP address with another IP address. The VPN provider are characterized in that they usually provide a variety of servers in different countries. Therefore, it is possible to use through the use of the VPN, for example, a Spanish IP address or an American IP address. Thus, assume the IP address of another country and thus benefit from a free and uncensored Internet in China or in Turkey living people. In addition, users benefit from VPN also by numerous other benefits. By using an IP address from another country can be circumvented without problems, for example the German YouTube-lock, so that VPN clients can view on YouTube back all videos without any restrictions. At the same time it is also possible, specifically to accept the IP address of a particular country. So the online TV channels and radio stations in the various countries can be unlocked. Without VPN use these libraries are accessible due to the geo-blockings only within the country. With an American IP address Internet users can, for example, football or hockey games watch or watch the new season of the popular series long before the broadcast on German television in the original language. Read more at